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I have begun planning for a conference to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my ideas being introduced at the McLean Hilton 1-3 December 1992 (OSS ’92).

The graphic above will be turned into a coin with two sides, each participant will receive one. We are tentatively planning to also provide each participant with a flash drive containing a complete open source all-source analytic toolkit built around LibreOffice and adding all of the functionalities — all in open source software — from CATALYST.

Budget now, the cost will be $2,500, with the traditional advance registration discounts beginning in January 2017 when registration opens (by which time most of our speakers are expected to be confirmed). If the McLean Hilton proves to be available, there will be a cap of 800 participants. Government, academic, and independent information professionals will receive a 50% discount in addition to the Early Bird discounts.