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Gijs Hillenius: Study Calls for Sweden to Increase Open Source Competence in Public Administration

Gijs Hillenius

Gijs Hillenius

Study: Sweden should boost open source competence

Sweden should bolster its competence on the use of open source and open standards in public administrations, a study for the country’s Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation recommends. Public administrations must also be required to consider switching to free and open source alternatives, when procuring ICT solutions, and justify why they continue to use proprietary software.

These are three of the seven recommendations listed in the report by Ramboll Management Consulting, submitted to the ministry in late April. The other four are:

  • Require an assessment of the total costs of ownership for larger ICT procurements;
  • Select national open standards (such as the Open Document Format ODF);
  • Disseminate best practices of the use of open source software;
  • Rid schools and universities of IT vendor lock-in, by requiring the use of open source alternatives.

The ministry  will not immediately publish the report, entitled “Internationell utblick; Öppen programvara inom statsförvaltningen” (International outlook: Open source in public administration). However, OSOR was given permission to make it available.

Read more in English and access report as PDF (in Swedish)