Article: Digital is driving open concepts in several industries

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Digital is driving open concepts in several industries

The concept of open office has transformed much of the work life. This was driven primarily by the desire to improve collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness. In the context of a rapidly evolving digital platform, similar impetus for collaboration is shaping some of the underlying industries of the US economy.

Different industry sectors deal with the concept of openness in different ways, and the factors that drive the concept of “open industry” are different. However, there are clear similarities. Increased openness is seen as the key to digital success and customer satisfaction, and with the rapid acceleration of digital platforms, it is needed as well as smart.

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Article: Open source city twin offers ‘endless possibilities’

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Open source city twin offers ‘endless possibilities’

A digital twin of Bradford in West Yorkshire, England will be used to support the city’s pandemic recovery and future planning. As well as helping the city visualise plans and better manage issues such as air quality, noise, flooding and traffic, the tool could feature virtual shops, exhibitions and heritage walking trails, and games companies could use it to create interactive content. It also aims to enable greater citizen participation in city planning.

“[Digital twins] offer potential for reinventing retail and urban centres using what-if scenarios and data-driven decision making,” Adrian Walker, Transformational Services Manager at Bradford City Council, told Cities Today: “The model can help to visualise and develop an understanding of how the city functions in a potentially different way post-pandemic.”

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Article: Latest web hacking tools – Q1 2021

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Latest web hacking tools – Q1 2021

We take a look back at some of the best offensive security tools that were launched over the past three months. The coronavirus-induced lockdowns experienced by much of the world over winter has done little to scupper researchers’ desire to tinker and create.

In fact, the past three months saw the release of a variety of new hacking tools to make the lives of penetration testers, bug bounty hunters, and infosec hobbyists that little bit easier. Here’s our roundup of the latest hacking tools for the first quarter of 2021.

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Article: $1.3M in grants go toward making the web’s open-source infrastructure more equitable

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$1.3M in grants go toward making the web’s open-source infrastructure more equitable

Open-source software is at the core of… well, practically everything online. But while much of it is diligently maintained in some ways, in others it doesn’t receive the kind of scrutiny that something so foundational ought to.

To that end, $1.3 million worth of grants were announced today, split among 13 projects looking to ensure open-source software and development is being done equitably, sustainably and responsibly.

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