Article: SafariSeat: Open-Source Wheelchair for Developing Countries

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SafariSeat: Open-Source Wheelchair for Developing Countries

SEATTLE, Washington — Due to a lack of resources, it is important for developing countries to come up with cost-effective and efficient solutions to improve the lives of those with disabilities. The World Health Organization estimates that in a developing country, disabilities increase a person’s living costs by around 9-14%.

For many already living in poverty, this is an added cost they simply cannot afford. SafariSeat is an open-source wheelchair that is helping low-income countries, especially within Africa, to mobilize disabled individuals who otherwise struggle to move around.

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Article: Mental Health and Substance Use

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Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. Suicide is a global phenomenon and occurs throughout the lifespan. Effective and evidence-based interventions can be implemented at population, sub-population and individual levels to prevent suicide and suicide attempts. There are indications that for each adult who died by suicide there may have been more than 20 others attempting suicide.

Suicide is a global phenomenon; in fact, 79% of suicides occurred in low- and middle-income countries in 2016. Suicide accounted for 1.4% of all deaths worldwide, making it the 18th leading cause of death in 2016.

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