Article: Electric Vehicles: The ride of sustainability for smart cities

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Electric Vehicles: The ride of sustainability for smart cities

Electric solutions are taking over the world one wonder at a time. Innovation within the electric solutions sector is excelling towards making our smart cities more and more sustainable. One such innovation is the Electric Vehicles segment, where possibilities have been boundless. It has received wide global interest and investment. The entry of big players from the vehicle industry and the electronic manufacturing industry has put its value at $162.34 billion as of 2019.

Government and regulatory bodies have entered the scene and began offering subsidies as well standardization to suit the environment and quality requirements. Incentives to EV manufacturers have also been introduced and improved over a short period of time.

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Article: Building the Edge with Community-powered Innovation

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Building the Edge with Community-powered Innovation

There was a time when large technology vendors and enterprises wouldn’t touch open source software with a 10-foot pole. But now most embrace it avidly. What’s more, it’s almost certain that open source will be at the forefront of edge computing’s evolution.

“When the concept of open source just appeared, it started a battle royale between the advocates of proprietary software and open source software…. technically which has still never ended,” writes Scott Douglas Clary in a history of open source for Hackernoon. “Large market players such as Oracle and Microsoft considered open source as a threat to their proprietary IP and, in the bigger picture, their business model. Today many companies release proprietary software as well as open source projects, which has definitely increased in its popularity in the late 90’s and early 00’s.”

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