Article: Google’s Win for Open Source

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Google’s Win for Open Source

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with Google over Oracle in a major copyright battle about the “fair use” of code. The ruling is widely seen as a boon to the open-source software movement and may have implications for the cryptocurrency industry. After all, most crypto projects aren’t protected by copyright.

The backstory: When developing the Android operating system, Google ported over 11,000 lines of code from Java SE, a programming environment now owned by Oracle but built by Sun Microsystems. It wanted to ensure interoperability between the platforms. Oracle argued that re-using portions of its API, a sort of bridge between two types of code, was copyright infringement.

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Article: Supreme Court Decision Affirms Open-Source’s Role in Modern Software Development

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Supreme Court Decision Affirms Open-Source’s Role in Modern Software Development

A Supreme Court ruling that sided with Alphabet Inc.’s Google in its 10-year legal battle with Oracle Corp. reaffirms the business model behind open-source software—sharing bits of computer code for free, experts said. The ruling on Monday said Google did not violate copyright protections when it used lines of Java computer code that allow its Android mobile operating system to connect to other software. Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems Inc., which created Java, in 2010.

Experts said the ruling affirmed the right of companies to freely use one another’s software to some extent, a practice that has been key to innovation and interoperability. Some voiced concern that the line between fair use and copyright infringement was unclear, and that it could make it harder for startups to make a return on their investment.

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Article: Google Ducks $9 Billion Java Bill With High Court Win

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Google Ducks $9 Billion Java Bill With High Court Win

Fair-use doctrine supports Google engineers who copied at least ten of thousands of lines of code when they created the Android mobile operating system, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday.

In a case at once about open-source software and market domination, the 6-2 decision marks an $8.8 billion defeat for Oracle America. The software giant sought the massive damages award after Google used the ubiquitous computer programming language Java without a license to create what is now the biggest mobile operating system in the world.

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