Article: The revolution of the Internet of Things, a world to discover

Innovation, Open Space

The revolution of the Internet of Things, a world to discover

Innovation and new technologies have taken on a very important role in companies and businesses in the last year, digital services are transcendental to avoid a greater paralysis of economies. The restrictions on mobility due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been an important impulse in the transformation of companies.

They advanced in months what would have taken them years, the new conditions encouraged CEOs and leaders to make decisions on strategic projects that were on their agendas. However, can we speak of a true penetration of new technologies in the market? Are the efforts made to generate open innovation by companies enough?

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Article: OSHWA is Officially a Non-Profit Organization!

Hardware, Open Manufacturing, Open Source

OSHWA is Officially a Non-Profit Organization!

Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) is thrilled to announce we have just received our official non-profit status! To celebrate this honor, we are launching a Membership Campaign to double our members of like-minded individuals and companies between now and December 31, 2014.

You can actively support open source hardware by becoming a member of OSHWA. Membership gives you visibility within the community for yourself and/or your company. Membership also allows you to vote on the organization’s board members and create positive momentum within the larger open source movement. How cool is that? Additional benefits include fun schwag like stickers, and a discount to all OSHWA events. Members receive priority access to events which typically sell out in the community, such as the Open Hardware Summit.

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