Article: Striking a balance with ‘open’ at Snowflake

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Striking a balance with ‘open’ at Snowflake

The relative merits of “open” have been hotly debated in our industry for years. There is a sense in some quarters that being open is beneficial by default, but this view does not always fully consider the objectives being served. What matters most to the vast majority of organizations are security, performance, costs, simplicity, and innovation. Open should always be employed in service of those goals, not as the goal in itself.

When we develop products at Snowflake, we evaluate where open standards, open formats, and open source can create the best outcome for our customers. We believe strongly in the positive impact of open and we are grateful for the open source community’s efforts, which have propelled the big data revolution and much more

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Article: Startup AirByte Aims to Make Its Open Source ETL Connector Specs ‘the Standard’

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Startup AirByte Aims to Make Its Open Source ETL Connector Specs ‘the Standard’

Being able to quickly extract data from multiple sources for processing has become a crucial business capability. AirByte, a startup that’s just about eight months old, is building open source solutions to make that extraction easier for enterprises. The company recently raised a $5.2 million seed round, with participation by major VC players, to go after the opportunity.

AirByte’s goal is to take the pain out of building and maintaining the pipelines needed to carry data from sources such as data warehouses, data lakes, and databases to destinations including cloud data warehouses, like Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and BigQuery, or to on-premises storage for local processing.

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