Article: You Otter be Able to Stream that Audio: Open Hardware Eclipses Chromecast Audio

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You Otter be Able to Stream that Audio: Open Hardware Eclipses Chromecast Audio

When Google halted production of the Chromecast Audio at the start of 2019, there was a (now silent) outcry. Fans of the device loved the single purpose audio streaming dongle that delivered wide compatibility and drop-dead simplicity at a rock bottom $35 price.

For evidence of this, look no further than your favorite auction site where they now sell for significantly more than they did new, if you can even find an active listing. What’s a prolific hacker to do about this clear case of corporate malice? Why, reinvent it of course! And thus the Otter Cast Audio V2 was born, another high quality otter themed hack from one of our favorite teams of hardware magicians [Niklas Fauth, Jan Henrik, Toble Miner, and Manawyrm].

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Article: Fedora Linux 34 beta rolled out

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Fedora Linux 34 beta rolled out

Fedora Linux has always been Red Hat’s leading-edge distribution. While CentOS Stream is now a “rolling preview” of what’s next for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)Fedora remains the real first-look at what’s coming in RHEL’s future and a useful distro in its own right. Now the Fedora Project has released the operating system’s latest beta version: Fedora Linux 34.

As Matthew Miller, Red Hat’s Fedora Project Leader, has explained, “Fedora integrates thousands of ‘upstream’ open-source projects into a unified distribution on a six-month release cadence, and every so often Red Hat takes that collection, forks it off, and produces RHEL.” That remains the same.

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