Article: Designing Tools for Civilization: The Future of Open Source Hardware

Hardware, Open Manufacturing

Designing Tools for Civilization: The Future of Open Source Hardware

“We know that open source has succeeded with tools for managing knowledge and creativity. And the same is starting to happen with hardware too. We’re focusing on hardware because it is hardware that can change people’s lives in such tangible material ways.

If we can lower the barriers to farming, building, manufacturing, then we can unleash just massive amounts of human potential.” — Marcin Jakubowski

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Article: Open Sauce/Source for the Food Revolution

Food, Open Provisioning

Open Sauce/Source for the Food Revolution

We can’t get around it, so we’ll say it upfront. Food is essential to life. What’s more, ensuring open access to the resources, knowledge, and land we need to feed ourselves is political. In opposition to corporate control and intellectual property, we need systems and processes which emphasize sharing and collaboration for food systems work.

A movement of practitioners is emerging who are applying Open Source philosophy to food systems work. Our goal in this article is to recognize the power of this fledgling movement and to highlight some of the people and organizations who are using Open Source for food.

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Article: Factor e Farm

Food, Open Provisioning

Factor e Farm

Factor e Farm (FeF) is a 30 acre parcel of land 1 hour away from the Kansas City International Airport in Missouri. In 2004, Open Source Ecology purchased this land – a blank slate that was a soybean field. Since then, we have been busy building infrastructure, using as much open source, libre processes and hardware as possible.

We are much more than a farm. At Factor e Farm, we grow ideas, and put them into practice. Factor e Farm is a socio-technical experiment. I

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