Article: What is Open Government

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What is Open Government

There is no single official definition of what makes a government open.  Three key hallmarks of an open government are: transparency, accountability and participation.

  • Transparency helps the public to understand the workings of their government . It is an essential precondition for open and inclusive policy-making, and also helps build public trust in government. But transparency in itself does not in itself guarantee accountability.

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Article: Where next for open government?

Open Governance, Standards

Where next for open government?

Open government is a revolutionary concept: that citizens should have the right to access government data and documents, providing public oversight and holding government accountable.

The benefits of increasing government transparency and facilitating dialogue with the public are immense; for instance, citizens are informed about how money and resources are spent; they can express their opinions and offer advice through consultations and open calls; using the openly available data, they can also develop innovative products and services.

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