Article: What Trends Will Shape Fintech In India In 2021?

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What Trends Will Shape Fintech In India In 2021?

“Financial Technology” or popularly known as  “FinTech” has come a long way from merely automating the delivery and use of financial services. Today Fintech has transformed and improved the entire financial sector by bringing out various innovative offerings across payments & transfers, financing & banking and capital markets & personal financial management.

India has also not been far behind,  today India is one of the largest FinTech Market with highest FinTech adoption rate of 87% in the globe. Especially after post-Covid, India, along with some of its global peers, has seen tremendous growth in FinTech.

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Article: The future of money is open banking

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The future of money is open banking

Banks have been transforming for years, and the black swan events of the financial crisis and now the pandemic have only accelerated that transformation. Fifty-three percent of bank CIOs assess that their business performance is ahead or far ahead of where it otherwise would have been had Covid-19 not become a global pandemic.

Sixty-nine percent of banking survey respondents report that business leaders are asking IT to implement higher-value and more-strategic initiatives. Banks that have increased their use of digital channels to reach customers are 3.5 times more likely to be a top performer than a trailing performer.

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