Article: The progress of Open Banking and road ahead

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The progress of Open Banking and road ahead

According to McKinsey, among the positive signs noted by banks for 2021, apart from an overall opportunity to accelerate growth in digital payments, is the use of real-time payments infrastructure to offer fully digitised customer experiences. This will  improve the flexibility and the cost of their operating models through the usage of APIs and by offering payments-as-a-service (PaaS) that enable  industry utilities to build scale etc.

Many banks choose to partner with technology providers to expand quickly and modernise their product portfolio and offerings to meet customer expectations in banking, lending, payments, and money management.

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Article: Digital Lending and the New Financial Ecosystem

Money, Open Governance

Digital Lending and the New Financial Ecosystem.

In a financial world that’s increasingly open and subject to ever-emerging competition, there’s a compelling case to be made for the importance of “ecosystem” participation and collaboration. This blog explores how digital lending empowers banks to improve the customer experience and enter new and more diverse markets through partnership. Success in the new age of competition requires modernization, vision and collaboration.

Banking is a highly competitive industry, with firms battling for market share, wallet share, and geographic reach (or niche markets, as the case may be). Traditionally, banks manufactured and distributed branded products exclusively through their own networks.

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Article: What Is Open Data?

Open Data

What Is Open Data?

Open data is digital information that is licensed in a way that it is available to anyone, with just a few stipulations. The data is typically either public, open, or attributed. Any data or content that is free to use and distributed falls under the idea of open data. Let’s dive deeper and answer this question: what is open data?

The philosophy behind open data is the scientific method that builds upon existing research to develop breakthroughs that ultimately help people and the planet we share.

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