Article: Why Open Source Matter more than ever in Education

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Why Open Source Matter more than ever in Education

For education to be successful in transforming our global community, it must be accessible – and that is what open-source technologies bring to the world of learning. By definition, open-source software has freely available code that can be redistributed and modified without limitation. Unlike closed-source software, which does not share its code and must be licensed, open-source software alleviates one of the most pressing barriers to education across the globe: cost.

At the forefront in the open source education space has been Moodle™, which, since its inception in 2002, has helped revolutionize the education space as we know it by providing educators with a free tool to support learning in various forms. At the time of writing, there are almost 260 million users on over 180,000 registered Moodle™ sites across the globe relying on this platform to power their initiatives. This is exponentially more users and institutions than use any other platform.  For many, this would not be possible if it were not open source.

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