Article: Digital Twin Consortium pursues open source collaboration

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Digital Twin Consortium pursues open source collaboration

Digital twins promise to bring digital transformation across various industries by harmonizing data flows between applications and users. However, this interest has also driven growth in various trade groups, standards bodies, and consortiums to ensure interoperability. The concern is that the rise of so many standards could slow down meaningful adoption.

Such concerns form the backdrop to the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) announcement last month of a significant open source effort to facilitate digital twin collaboration across different groups on open source projects, open source code, and open source collateral to address this Tower of Babel

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Article: NLP Cloud helps app developers add language processing

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NLP Cloud helps app developers add language processing

NLP tools and services are taking off, but developers often struggle with the hurdle of getting NLP models into production. NLP Cloud is a new AI startup focused on lowering the barriers for developers trying to create apps for sorting support tickets, extracting leads, analyzing social networks, and developing tools for economic intelligence.

NLP has been around for decades, but interest has seen a dramatic uptick with the recent introduction of transformers, a new type of neural network. Google researchers demonstrated in 2017 how transformers dramatically improved the speed, performance, and precision of NLP tools. Transformers made possible the much larger models Google’s BERT and OpenAI’s GPT-3. The capabilities are available through innovative open source libraries Hugging Face and spaCy.

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