Article: A tiny nonprofit is using tech to quietly transform the prison system

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A tiny nonprofit is using tech to quietly transform the prison system

The pandemic made success stories out of all kinds of for-profit tech companies — and also for one small technical nonprofit called Recidiviz. The company provides open-source data tracking and management software for state prison, probation and payroll systems, and it became astoundingly important in the middle of the deadly pandemic that ravaged prisons across the country.

Clementine Jacoby’s Y Combinator startup went from its slow, under-the-radar push to integrate data tools into a few state systems to a sudden burst of frenzied activity to provide the data state prison administrators needed to launch early release programs.

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Article: Is open banking making waves in P2P?

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Is open banking making waves in P2P?

Open banking has a range of benefits for lenders, including for peer-to-peer lending platforms, and it has been more important than ever during the pandemic. But in the three years since it was introduced in January 2018 to great fanfare, is the data-sharing initiative really making waves within the sector?

Platforms can use open banking to better assess the affordability of borrowers by using real-time data rather than old bank statements. This also helps to reduce friction in their processes and offer an improved customer experience as well as quicker lending decisions. Open banking can also help to reduce fraud, such as through the confirmation of payees.

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