Article: What is open source?

Open Source

What is open source?

It’s difficult to overstate the role that open source plays in today’s technology-centric world, given that it intersects with just about every piece of software. Data from Synopsys, the company behind open source security management platform Black Duck, indicates that 98% of codebases contain at least some open source code.

But open source software is not only eating the world, as the popular expression goes, it’s also devouring the solar system — recent GitHub data showed that almost 12,000 GitHub developers contributed to the code that made the very first Martian helicopter flight possible on April 19, 2021. Chances are, though, most weren’t even aware that their contributions were used in the historic NASA mission.

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Article: Open-Source Software Is Extremely Useful But Treat It With Care

Free, Libre, Open Software

Open-Source Software Is Extremely Useful But Treat It With Care

In the recent past, there was a fair amount of skepticism about the open-source movement. That’s no longer the case. Today engineering teams are using a lot of open-source capabilities.

The way open-source is applied and delivered has also evolved. Open source used to be the bailiwick of consortiums that maintain platforms such as Kubernetes and operating systems such as Debian or Ubuntu Linux. But now various individual suppliers offer open-source solutions, and open-source is expanding into core engineering tools.

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