Article: Why A.I. needs to be open to all

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Why A.I. needs to be open to all

Businesses of all sizes across different sectors are exploring or deploying Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) today more than ever before. This is game-changing for companies, as they look to leverage automation, natural language processing, data-driven decision-making, and a host of other capabilities. They are using A.I. to drive enhanced customer experience, complement their knowledge workers, boost innovation, and become truly agile. In the Covid-19 era, A.I. has had a crucial role to play in improving business resiliency and continuity besides powering personalized customer service.

However, successful A.I. adoption is dependent on a few factors such as moving A.I. from prototype to scale and the availability of skilled talent. To realize A.I. at scale, it needs to be portable across clouds and not restricted to the tech platforms on which the prototype was built.

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