Article: Why AWS Could Own the Future of Quantum Computing

Hardware, Open Manufacturing

Why AWS Could Own the Future of Quantum Computing

We often talk about future leadership in quantum computing by way of hardware innovation but if (or when) the technology suddenly takes off, the real differentiator will be accessibility and service. That might take an approach that is multi-platform with a defined pricing, support, and security model and while quantum startups can handle physics, building global front-end services is a different ballgame.

Amazon Web Services already knows how this story goes from its experiences building a multi-platform mega-platform for machine learning and expects the same lessons could carry forward for early quantum computing.

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Article: Why Julia is Turning Heads in 2021

Language, Open Data, Open Source

Why Julia is Turning Heads in 2021

There is plenty to be said for legacy codes—the ones that still do the job even if they lack flexibility and elegance. But with more science and engineering codes in need of a refresh to make AI/ML a possibility.

Starting with a cleaner slate with something that provides the best of C or C++ and the usability of Python, for example, is becoming more attractive, especially when all the differential programming and other tools to make machine learning in engineering are built in specifically for those science and engineering domains.

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Article: China Hyperscalers Strive to Keep Pace In Open Source

Free, Open Software, Open Source

China Hyperscalers Strive to Keep Pace In Open Source

We have a good sense of what projects U.S. companies open source but when it comes to Chinese webscale companies, most notably the big three—Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent—that ecosystem is less public and not often discussed.

For instance, even if you work in open source at a large company, it is unlikely you’ve head of projects like X-Deep Learning, which is Alibaba’s production ML framework for sparse datasets or the Mars cross-platform network component developed at Tencent.

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