Article: Accelerating Innovation — Uniting Research & Open Source

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Accelerating Innovation — Uniting Research & Open Source

Open-source software (OSS) underpins all major cloud platforms and a large number of cloud-based services today. Core technologies that power cloud computing –Linux, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Docker, to name a few –are developed in open communities. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation supports innovation in OSS for cloud computing and has sponsorship and participation from practically all major players in the cloud ecosystem.

A recent survey [1] of 3,440 professional developers and managers showed the widespread influence of open source, both in cloud technology and as an essential in-demand and growing skill in the industry. For example, 69% of respondents thought that contributions to open-source projects result in better professional opportunities.

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Article: What is open source?

Open Source

What is open source?

It’s difficult to overstate the role that open source plays in today’s technology-centric world, given that it intersects with just about every piece of software. Data from Synopsys, the company behind open source security management platform Black Duck, indicates that 98% of codebases contain at least some open source code.

But open source software is not only eating the world, as the popular expression goes, it’s also devouring the solar system — recent GitHub data showed that almost 12,000 GitHub developers contributed to the code that made the very first Martian helicopter flight possible on April 19, 2021. Chances are, though, most weren’t even aware that their contributions were used in the historic NASA mission.

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Article: Have I Been Pwned: Collaborating with FBI and Open Source Publishing

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Have I Been Pwned: Collaborating with FBI and Open Source Publishing

The free project for checking leaked access data Have I Been Pwned is now receiving considerable support from the US secret service FBI: The agency will provide the project with leaked data from its own inventory. In addition, the source code of the HIBP service is to be made accessible as open source software. The project operator Troy Hunt writes on his blog.

FBI wants to incorporate data from its own findings. Hunt had spoken to the FBI about ways of further cooperation, he writes in his blog post. It had been agreed that the authority would allow leaked passwords from its own investigations to flow into the HIBP project. As recently as April, when the Emotet Trojan was broken up, the FBI sent Hunt over 4 million e-mail addresses, which were then incorporated into HIBP.

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Article: The State Of Open-Source Ecosystem In India

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The State Of Open-Source Ecosystem In India

India has a vibrant and growing open-source community. In March, Microsoft’s GitHub, which has 5.8 million Indian contributors, announced a grant of Rs.1 crore to support India-based open-source maintainers and contributors who build world-class software using open-source tools. As per GitHub COO Erica Brescia, India is the fastest-growing country in terms of new developers contributing to open-source projects.

Open-source software development has a lot of potential in India and could become the best in the world under the right circumstances. The government of India can play a major role here. Introducing policy-level changes to open-source development could encourage a mutually beneficial relationship for both the government and the developers and give ‘Digital India’ a much needed push.

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Article: Open source city twin offers ‘endless possibilities’

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Open source city twin offers ‘endless possibilities’

A digital twin of Bradford in West Yorkshire, England will be used to support the city’s pandemic recovery and future planning. As well as helping the city visualise plans and better manage issues such as air quality, noise, flooding and traffic, the tool could feature virtual shops, exhibitions and heritage walking trails, and games companies could use it to create interactive content. It also aims to enable greater citizen participation in city planning.

“[Digital twins] offer potential for reinventing retail and urban centres using what-if scenarios and data-driven decision making,” Adrian Walker, Transformational Services Manager at Bradford City Council, told Cities Today: “The model can help to visualise and develop an understanding of how the city functions in a potentially different way post-pandemic.”

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Article: Reactive, reproducible, collaborative: computational notebooks evolve

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Reactive, reproducible, collaborative: computational notebooks evolve

This year marks ten years since the launch of the IPython Notebook. The open-source tool, now known as the Jupyter Notebook, has become an exceedingly popular piece of data-science kit, with millions of notebooks deposited to the GitHub code-sharing site.

Computational notebooks combine code, results, text and images in a single document, yielding what Stephen Wolfram, creator of the Mathematica software package, has called a “computational essay”. And whether written using Jupyter, Mathematica, RStudio or any other platform, researchers can use them for iterative data exploration, communication, teaching and more.

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Article: Google, 2K Games Launch Free-To-Use Open Source Cloud Game Save System

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Google, 2K Games Launch Free-To-Use Open Source Cloud Game Save System

Google stepped away from games development earlier this year when it shut down its two development studios, but it seems that the internet giant is still keeping its hands in the world of gaming. The company just announced a brand new open-source cloud storage program that’s designed specifically for video games.

In collaboration with 2K Games comes Open Saves. This open-source cloud-based system uses Google Cloud to make handling a video game’s data requirements much easier. Open Saves automatically decides what sort of back-end storage solution to use depending on the data.

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Article: Amazon announces it’s open sourcing DeepRacer device software

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Amazon announces it’s open sourcing DeepRacer device software

When Amazon debuted AWS DeepRacer in 2018, it was meant as a fun way to help developers learn machine learning. While it has evolved since and incorporated DeepRacer competitions, today the company announced it was adding a new wrinkle. It’s open sourcing the software the company created to run these miniature cars.

At its core, the DeepRacer car is a mini computer running Ubuntu Linux and Robot Operating System (ROS), both open source components. The company believes that by opening up the device software to developers, it will encourage more creative uses of the car by enabling them to change the car’s default behavior.

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Article: How the open source community helped firms investigate their network activity following SolarWinds

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How the open source community helped firms investigate their network activity following SolarWinds

The ramifications of the SolarWinds attack are still unfolding more than four months since the breaches were revealed to the public. One underappreciated facet of the wide-ranging scandal that has engulfed much of the U.S. government and hundreds of major companies involves the powerful role the open source community played in helping enterprises respond to the crisis, according to Greg Bell, co-founder and CSO of cybersecurity company Corelight.

“What happened with the Sunburst malware is that when FireEye/Mandiant discovered the attack and made this sort of amazingly detailed disclosure, they released information about the attack—so called indicators of compromise—in open formats on GitHub, the platform where open source tools are built and where information is shared,” Bell said.

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Article: Flying on Mars fueled with open-source software

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Flying on Mars fueled with open-source software

For the first time in history, we’ve flown an aircraft, the mini-helicopter Ingenuity, on another planet. Opens-source software backed up its engineering. A small miracle happened at 3:31am ET on Monday morning. Ingenuity, a tiny NASA helicopter, became the first powered aircraft to fly on another planet, Mars. This engineering feat was done with Linux, open-source software, and a NASA-built program based on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s (JPL) open-source  (pronounced F prime) framework.

At 11-light minutes from Earth, there was nothing easy about this. True, Mars has only a third of Earth’s gravity, but Mars’ atmosphere has only one-hundredth of the density of Earth’s air.

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