Article: Ushering in the age of greater data demand

Geospatial, Open Data

Ushering in the age of greater data demand

The availability of marine open data infrastructure has significant economic and societal potential for coastal nations to facilitate marine domain interoperability and the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) best practices for marine spatial data publishing on the Web.

With the recent Indian directive on open data and the reuse of public sector information, IIC Technologies is ideally positioned to serve the Indian coastal and inland waterway segments in facilitating a continuous data capturing of spatial-temporal physical phenomena and human activities in coastal areas and riverbanks, doing the corresponding data analysis, and the decision- making for achieving continual improvement in the marine planning and management processes.

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Article: The progress of Open Banking and road ahead

Money, Open Governance

The progress of Open Banking and road ahead

According to McKinsey, among the positive signs noted by banks for 2021, apart from an overall opportunity to accelerate growth in digital payments, is the use of real-time payments infrastructure to offer fully digitised customer experiences. This will  improve the flexibility and the cost of their operating models through the usage of APIs and by offering payments-as-a-service (PaaS) that enable  industry utilities to build scale etc.

Many banks choose to partner with technology providers to expand quickly and modernise their product portfolio and offerings to meet customer expectations in banking, lending, payments, and money management.

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