Article: Open source hardware: The problems and promise

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Open source hardware: The problems and promise

Is open source hardware a thing? No, I’m not asking whether open source hardware projects exist. Of course they do, whether high-profile projects like Open Compute (from Facebook) or lower-profile projects like the Homebrew D-STAR Radio (for amateur radio enthusiasts).

No, what I mean is, have any open source hardware projects taken off similar to Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, or Linux? And, perhaps just as interestingly, does an open source hardware project have to reach that level of prominence in order for it to be useful?

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Article: Top 15 Free and Open Source ERP Solutions

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Top 15 Free and Open Source ERP Solutions

Searching for ERP software can be a daunting (and expensive) process, one that requires long hours of research and deep pockets. The most popular ERP systems are popular for a reason, but they may provide more features than a non-enterprise organization needs. Thankfully, there are several free and open-source ERP solutions out there. Some of these solutions are offered by vendors looking to sell you on their enterprise product eventually. Others are maintained and operated by a community of developers looking to democratize ERP.

In this article, we will examine free and open-source ERP software by providing a brief overview of what to expect with short blurbs about each of the currently available options in the space. This is one of the most complete and up-to-date directories on the web.

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