Article: FreeDOS commands you need to know

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FreeDOS commands you need to know

FreeDOS, the open source implementation of DOS, provides a lightweight operating system for running legacy applications on modern hardware (or in an emulator) and for updating hardware vendor fails with a Linux-compatible firmware flasher. .

Getting familiar with FreeDOS is not only a fun throwback to the computing days of the past, it’s an investment into gaining useful computing skills. In this article, I’ll look at some of the essential commands you need to know to work on a FreeDOS system.

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Article: The Linux Approach to Human and Eco-System Well Being

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The Linux Approach to Human and Eco-System Well Being

Current versions of democracy are a bit like the DOS operating system in the 1980s. In the best cases, they may hold the promise of a more user-friendly Windows beaconing on the horizon. But forget about a participatory, interactive Linux system. Our democracies have bugs, lack user-friendly features and under-perform. Above all, they are in need of major upgrades.

Governments are unable to address continuously evolving challenging conditions, while the economic system reinforces imbalances, proving completely inadequate to innovate. This is the very system deciding what products and services to deliver, by whom, when, using what resources, producing what kind of waste and for whose benefit.

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