Article: API management: What CIOs should known

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API management: What CIOs should known

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are fast proving to be significant tools in creating business value for CIOs embarking on digital transformations or seeking to develop new revenue streams.

APIs can translate text, label images, send text messages, check for fraud, retrieve open banking data, and handle an increasingly large variety of business transactions. An API may soon be the way to look up COVID vaccination status. As APIs become critical to their IT and development processes inside the organization, CIOs need to be thinking about management, compliance, and access: who gets access to what company data with what APIs through what governance model?

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Article: State of the Edge 2021: Open for Business and Poised for Massive Growth

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State of the Edge 2021: Open for Business and Poised for Massive Growth

This week, the Linux Foundation released its annual State of the Edge report, with a market size forecast inching toward the trillion-dollar mark, with the global edge computing infrastructure industry valued at up to $800 billion by 2028.

Pointing to the global pandemic as a wake-up call to legacy data centers, the third-party authors predicted that expertise in legacy data centers could become obsolete given the rise of new tools enabled by edge computing for remote monitoring, provisioning, repair, and management.

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