Article: The MIT Press launches MIT Open Publishing Services

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The MIT Press launches MIT Open Publishing Services

The MIT Press has announced the launch of MIT Open Publishing Services, a scholar-focused, MIT-branded hosting and publishing services operation. MIT Open Publishing Services (MITops), working with its partner the Knowledge Futures Group, provides a portfolio of services to mission-aligned partners, including peer review support and editorial development; professional copy editing and design; marketing and publicity; and hosting on the PubPub open source platform.

The MIT Press believes that the full potential of institutionally owned and managed infrastructure will be realized by pairing publishing technology innovation with economic incentives that will make it possible for the academy to reclaim the marketplace for scholarly communications.

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Article: It’s Time for Open Source Healthcare

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It’s Time for Open Source Healthcare

Thoughtful design in healthcare, whether directly or indirectly impacting patients, can ultimately save lives. Digital health promises that patients will have care plans and treatments best suited to their needs. We can deliver on that promise, but we’ll have to face some uncomfortable truths about our current system and fix them before we can get there.

Too often in the United States, health and the design of healthcare systems are treated like fashion, with an eye towards short-term profits and benefits rather than long-term sustainable infrastructure and patient-centered outcomes.

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