Article: Advancing adoption of digital twin technology

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Advancing adoption of digital twin technology

It seems digital twin is the new buzzword, even though the concept has existed for several years. Looking back, we saw the first digital twin concepts being deployed in manufacturing to fulfil the needs of service engineers to possess adequate information on an entire product or parts of a product for maintenance.

As practical examples, French navy ships developed in the last decade would only set sail once the digital twin was completed. Airplanes are documented according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) specifications to support maintenance and repairs by engineers with basic training.

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Article: Ohio Supercomputer Center releases open-source HPC access portal

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Ohio Supercomputer Center releases open-source HPC access portal

An innovative web-based portal for accessing high performance computing services has matured beyond the beta phase and now is available to HPC centers worldwide. The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) has launched Open OnDemand 1.0, an open-source version of OSC OnDemand, the Center’s online, single-point-of-entry application for HPC services.

Open OnDemand is an NSF-funded project to develop a widely shareable web portal that provides HPC centers with advanced web and graphical interface capabilities. Through OnDemand, HPC clients can upload and download files, create, edit, submit and monitor jobs, run GUI applications and connect via SSH, all via a web browser, with no client software to install and configure.

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