Article: Open source hardware meets the p2p economy

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Open source hardware meets the p2p economy

We are at this particular moment in history when we can say with certainty that open source hardware (OSHW) is economically viable. The video below tells the success story of Adafruit Industries. Barely formed, this business model relying on OSHW might already be obsolete. A new model, the open value network, is already threatening to transform the landscape of the open source economy. This article explains why.

Most people find it counter-intuitive that companies that sell high tech open source products can survive in a highly competitive capitalistic environment, giving away their recipes, AND allowing (even encouraging) everyone else to copy them, WITH THE RIGHT TO MAKE COMMERCIAL USE. If you don’t believe that this is possible stop wasting your time arguing against it. It is real, it is here, you better understand it fast before the world becomes a strange place for you.

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