Legal Notice: Letter to PayPal CEO As Delivered


OFFICIAL LETTER with Letterhead: PayPal Letter Final

Dear Mr. Schulman,

As of the first minute of April 16, 2021 PayPal terminated my client, Robert David Steele, by terminating the PayPal account of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 educational corporation in good standing with the IRS and also the recipient of a Gold Star transparency award from Guidestar, a leading evaluator of non-profit endeavor competency and integrity. A copy of the termination letter is attached.

Open Source: Innovating Data Science With Minimum Dependency

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Open Source: Innovating Data Science With Minimum Dependency

Organizations should adopt open source software to enhance agility and security.

Open-source data architecture is no more unfamiliar for organizations since it is being deployed in various data science projects. Data science has become an asset to industries considering its importance in advanced data analytics and data-driven business intelligence. The rapid digital transformation across the globe accelerated the adoption rate of disruptive technologies and automation. Continue reading “Open Source: Innovating Data Science With Minimum Dependency”