Article: Jupiter Nano open source development board

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Jupiter Nano open source development board

A small yet high-performance computer capable of running Linux will be launching via the Crowd Supply website very soon in the form of the Jupiter Nano. The small open source development board is equipped with a Microchip SAMA5D27C-LD1G running at 498 Mhz and is capable of running NuttX RTOS or Linux. The tiny 48-pin form factor measures just 1.125″ x 2.5″, similar in size to Teensy 4.1.

“Jupiter Nano is perfect for Arduino users who need a tiny, powerful computer with more CPU power, lots of RAM, or an internet-connected real time operating system (NuttX). It should also be attractive to any Linux users who need a tiny, open-source hardware computer with lots of I/O and high-speed Wi-Fi. The applications for a board this small, and this powerful, are nearly endless.”

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