Article:’s GIS platform helps target COVID-19 resources

Geospatial, Open Data’s GIS platform helps target COVID-19 resources

Resolution of the COVID-19 crisis has come down to how quickly governments can vaccinate individuals before more contagious variants of the virus evolve and spread. One platform playing a critical role in helping health care organizations win that race is a geographic information system (GIS) platform created by Health Solutions Research ( and accessed as a cloud service.

The GeoHealth Platform developed combines social determinants of health with social media data and estimated health care costs to surface potential hot spots. Created prior to the pandemic, the platform relies on a Health Risk Index model created using geospatial mapping software from Esri and open source Geoserver software for sharing geospatial data, CEO Ajay Gupta told VentureBeat. “We wanted to track social determinants of health,” he said.

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