Article: Neonomics, Nöffe to bring Open Banking to children

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Neonomics, Nöffe to bring Open Banking to children

Norway-based Nöffe has partnered with Neonomics to develop a digital piggy bank, to enable parents to easily connect their children’s bank accounts to a piggy bank, according to the official press release.

Neonomics, a Europe-based Open Banking API platform provider, allows Nöffe’s users to connect a bank account via their app to a piggy bank that mirrors a bank account.

The digital piggy bank is about the size of a traditional piggy bank, and a female voice speaks every time money is transferred to the account, or if a child wants to know how much money is in the account. Using the Nöffe app powered by Neonomics’ Open Banking API, parents can move around money for their children while giving them various sensory cues and stimulations, naturally making them more aware of the value of money.

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