Article: Applications of Location-Based & Geospatial Intelligence Data

Geospatial, Open Data

Applications of Location-Based & Geospatial Intelligence Data

Enterprises, government agencies, and law enforcement use Cobwebs Technologies‘ geospatial data and spatial analysis to get location intelligence, which is a powerful tool to understand situations or events, get insight into, e.g., where events take place and who is involved to make informed decisions.

Companies use location intelligence to, e.g., pinpoint optimal locations for their brick-and-mortar stores, government agencies use it in time of, e.g., natural disasters such as wildfires, and law enforcement uses it to identify the locations of threat actors, crime syndicates, criminal acts, and mass events turning into riots. In other words, location-based data provides unique insights, reveals hidden relationships, patterns, and trends that are crucial for follow-up.

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