Article: How APIs are empowering future cities

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How APIs are empowering future cities

Data acts as the spine of smart cities helping decision-makers to make better decisions to build resilient, liveable, and connected cities that serve citizens better services. Right data at the right time has the capability to solve many complex urban challenges. With deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors to sense the city, real-time data is increasing every day, offering cities a chance to address city problems in smarter ways.

However, the challenge that is faced by city managers is that cities produce a humongous amount of data in many forms and from many different sources. The wide variety of data formats makes it difficult to scale applications from city to city. And, to this, the solution is improved Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. API has the power to provide access to the cities’ data even if the background systems are vastly different, making them a great way to attract and fully harness the huge potential offered by developers.

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