Article: Making Use of Data-Driven Healthcare

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Making Use of Data-Driven Healthcare

The effects of the big data bang have reached all corners of the business world. This includes the health protection industry. Today, data-driven healthcare has become a buzzword with a deep meaning. The unprecedented amount of information about the health of people worldwide is now available and expects processing. What can businesses do with all that data? What’s healthcare business intelligence? Let’s find out if data-driven healthcare is something worth investing in.

In the era of data-driven healthcare, various types of data come in showers: behavioral, clinical, environmental, medicational and others. Besides, medical apps, fitness trackers and other wireless tools add up to the notion of mhealth, and are rich sources of patient-specific data. In a perfect world, the rational tech approach to many layers of patient info is supposed to improve drug effectiveness, cut expenses and enhance patient care. Quite a task, but possible to implement with the proper treatment of data.

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